World Environment Day

During early evolution of life, we lived in Nature. Later while being civilised, we lived with nature. In the time of industrial revolution, we started living away from nature but with dependency on natural resources. With each passing century our relationship with nature is getting distant. Being out of sight, many of us started believing that we can live without nature and when in need, … Continue reading World Environment Day

Balancing your Mind and Body for Well being in Difficult Time

No doubt, the whole humanity is going through a tough time. In this dark phase of our lives, we hardly see any good or even a neutral news that can comfort our mind. Everyone looks worried and stressed. Whenever we interact with anyone, gradually or instantaneously, we discuss the events and things that are worrisome or sad. Surely start avoiding interactions, not reading relevant news … Continue reading Balancing your Mind and Body for Well being in Difficult Time

The uniqueness about Lord Rama…!!

As per Hindu scriptures, since the evolution of life on earth, God Vishnu has taken many avatars. In early stage of life, he came as Matsya (fish), Kurma (turtle) and Varaha (boar). Later during human evolutionary phase, he said to be in the form of Narasimha (man-lion) and under civilisation phase of society he appeared as Vamana (Dwarf-god), Parushram (Brahman warrior) and Lord Rama (King … Continue reading The uniqueness about Lord Rama…!!